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BUDAPEST CASTLE DISTRICT : A World Heritage Site with Historic Monuments, Museums, and Stunning View


After the cruise, we got back to the nearest HOHO station and caught the bus to the World Heritage sights of Buda Castle and the Castle District. Our hostel is situated at the other side of the river, also known as Pest while the castle is situated at Buda district.

Crossing the chain bridge From Pest to Buda 

Here we come in the big red bus

Winding road
Sampai di kaki Budha Castle, bus turunkan kami. memang bas HOHO tak naik sampai atas.. Ada beberapa cara nak naik ke atas. You can walk, take the funicular (with a fee), the normal bus or the castle bus... Kebetulan kami nampak castle bus, kami pon naik la castle bus (RETURN TICKET: 6,9 € / 2100 HUF (VALID FOR 3 RIDES).

Ni lah rupa bus tu... tak ade pulak gambar bus, so i took this photo from
Official Budapest castle bus website.
Saya x recommend sangatlah naik bus ni sebab bus ni tak banyak, kena tunggu lama... elok jalan atau naik bas awam, bas awam free aja. Tp yg bestnya boleh la snap2 gambar on the way to the top sebab bas ni terbuka.

On our way to the castle, we spotted the Fishermen's Bastion. The bastion is a look-out terrace.
Ada restoran juga di sini... bagi yang nak manak2 sambil menikmati pemandangan Budapest. 
 You can eat inside the Knight Hall or enjoy the panorama from one of the terraces (Margaréta Terrace, Halászbástya Terrace) (entrance is to the right of the Fishermen’s Bastion).

We also spotted the Matthias Church,  one of the finest churches in
 Budapest, and the most unique churches in Europe.
It is located atop the Buda Castle hill.
 Dah sampai castle... x lama, dalam 10 minutes the most...  Di area luar castle, biasalah ada ja yang jual2 souvenirs like fridge magnets, postcards etc... harga not bad.. lbh kurang ja mcm di Utca... in fact, ada yg lebih murah... pling murah FM, 1 euro..standard price here. Waktu summer, ada macam2 kedai yang dibuka disini.. kalau x silap, setiap sabtu pun ada pasar pagi.

Hot cocoa anyone?

Jom jalan lagi ke dalam....

Bunga2 yang masih tinggal.... Dekat sini kalau time summer, bnyk ada
festivals/functions diadakan.  Jual2 pon bnyk.

This is The Royal Palace

It seems that according to history, the original Royal Palace was destroyed and rebuilt many times. Today the Palace Houses the Budapest History Museum,  the Hungarian National Gallery, and
the National Széchenyi Library.

One of the sights in the Royal Palace.
Matthias Fountain, featuring King Matthias in
a royal hunting scene.

Jom masuk...

Hari ni tutup pula Castle Museum... so, bergambar2 ajalah kita...

Beautiful view of the danube from the Royal Palace...

Lepas tu kami ke Sándor Palace, the white-coloured palace that houses the headquarters of the Hungarian President’s office.

Near the Royal Palace exit, adjacent to Sandor Palace.

Adjacent to Sandor palace..kami lepak sini sambil makan bekal.

Sándor Palace
Sedang kami menjamu selera, ada tentera berkuda...

Selepas menjamu selera, kamu pon berjalan ke bus stop... Near the bus stop, ada lagi tempat2 jualan... Antara juala di sini...

Sementara yang lain tengah membeli2, i waited for the castle bus. Tunggu punya tunggu castle bus, x muncul tiba. Kami pun naik bas awam, free...  dibawanya kami ke metro... tnya org sana sini, akhirnya dapat naik semula bas awam ke area castle, tempat kami naik dan naik semula HOHO bus...

Tempat tunggu bas
Sinilah kami diturunkan lps naik bas awam....hahaha.. kalau malas nak
pikir, naik ja metro hala ke hostel.. tp rugilah sikit kan... 

Lepas ni kami ke area synagogue.. kat situ ada tempat makan halal... dekat ja dengan area hostel kami... dengar citer ia merupakan synagogue yang terbesar di Europe.

Before I end today's post, here is a clip of the change of guards in Budapest Castle. Not as grand as the one in Buckingham, of course :)




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Tuesday, 9 January 2018



The next day.... (16 Oct 2017)

We started the day early. After breakfast at the kitchen, kmi terus kluar. Kitchen Maverick sangat cntik dan bersih. Everything was there. Similar to other hostels, lps mkn jngn lupa kemas ya n if u want to put yr food in the fridge, make sure u label yr food. Standardla kan... mana2 hostel.

Cntikkan kitchen? kat meja tu ler kami lepak dan makan. Ada 3 meja
kat kitchen tu.
Kmi menapak ke jetty. Not very far, about 10 minutes walk.  Along the way, we stopped at a few spots to snap photos. The day was so beautiful. The sun was shining brightly but the weather was so nice. I wish we could hve this weather in KL 😀.

Elizabeth Bridge.

We went through this passage

Budapest, like other European cities, has a lot of statues.

Us under the yellowish tree

Deciduous yellowish leaves during autumn

Spotted a tram
Sampai jetty, ada banyak feri dan boat yg dah menunggu. U have to look at your paper/pass, as to which deck u hve to go to. Ada bnyk deck sini. Ours was dock 10.

Kak Yus

Flowers at the dock
A lot of boats and ferries parked at the bank.
The river cruise lasted for an hour and a half or so. From the dock, going to Margaret Island and back to the dock.  Let's look at the view from the cruise. U can bring your own food on board. There are also kiosk selling drinks and snacks.

The breathtaking view

The castle district

Parliament house

From afar

The Chain Bridge,  a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
 Those who want to stop at Margaret Island can do so, at 12pm, another ferry will come and pick u up. What can u do at Margaret Island? Sightseeing, picnic, bird watching, jogging, etc. My plan was to have a picnic there and went to the castle at 12, but the group seemed not so eager to stop, so we didnt get off the ferry....
Margaret Island during fall

Sampai dock, kami jalan ke next station and wait for the bus to take us to the castle district.

Relax nampak :) 

Di  kesempatan ini juga saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada blog Rahsia Melancong sebab sudi menyenaraikan blog travel saya yang tak seberapa  ni dalam Top 55 Blog Travel Malaysia 2017... terima kasih sekali lagi... it means a lot to me!

BUDAPEST CASTLE DISTRICT : A World Heritage Site with Historic Monuments, Museums, and Stunning View

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